Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I can't believe that Christmas has come and gone already! This year has just flown by way too fast!!

Celia had a fantastic Christmas, was completely spoiled (but not too much!), and had a blast! She got a bike from Santa, and a scooter from her uncle Dave and aunt Heather (my bro and sil), both of which she LOVES!! She got on the scooter pretty much right away, and played outside for quite a while. One of the major perks of living in MD is that it was about 45 degrees outside and sunny. Great weather for Xmas! I did miss the snow a little, but I can get over that pretty quickly.

Santa brought me a few great things! A speaker system to plug my ipod in so I can listen to it anywhere, some Fleece Artist seawool from The Loopy Ewe (I got a $25 frequent shopper gc so I picked something out and when it arrived I had Nathan put it under the tree for me), AND some of the Harmony tips for my Knitpicks Options set. And 2 more sets of dpns for sock knitting. My inlaws also got us a gift certificate to the Melting Pot- YUMMY!!! We're hoping to use it before the baby comes!

So far the pregnancy is going well. I definitely have gestational diabetes again (though we knew that at week 10), so I"m having fun trying to come up with new ways to eat eggs for breakfast. I'm only allowed to have protein in the morning. NO carbs. Blech. My next try will be a sausage and cheese quiche that is crustless. Maybe tomorrow? I'm enjoying this week. While I do have to work (I only have 40 hours of vacation time saved up and kind of need that for maternity leave), I'm able to do so from the comfort of my couch. I'm doing some writing this week which I can do much better at home anyways, so talk about perfect timing. Plus my whole team took the week (or most of the week) off, so I'd be pretty lonely if I went in. So I get to be comfortable, in my PJs all day, and have my feet up. AND my daughter is at school and husband is at work. I have the whole house to myself!! And right now, my cleaning ladies are here doing their thing. So the house will be clean, and I didn't have to lift a finger. Talk about heaven!

Knitting hasn't been happening much lately. My attention span is absolutely shot, and I'm exhausted! I've been plugging away bit by bit on my Hogwarts swap 2 pals's socks (I haven't forgotten about you!!), and I'm about 3/4 of the way down the cuff, so I'm hoping to start the heel in the next day or two. I'm averaging about 10 rows a day before my hands get tired. I'm just glad I got the first sock done and I'm on to the second! I really am loving the way they're coming out though. My daughter wants me to make her a hat/gloves/scarf too. I started the hat, but have only gotten the ribbing done. When we had snow a few weeks ago she bundled up in my hat, scarf, and her baby gloves, so I gave up and bought her a set at the Children's Place. Just easier, and faster. And I want to get the socks for my pal done before I touch anything else. I initially had a goal to make 2 pairs of socks for myself for the hospital, but that's SO not going to happen. I'll just wear ones I've already knit instead. Unless I get a burst of energy, which I doubt will happen, since I've only got about 10 weeks to go!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! And that you all have a Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Thanks for all of the comments! We're all so excited to be having a healthy baby boy!

Our Thanksgiving was lovely, and it was really good to spend some time in Buffalo. The more I'm there, the more I want to move there. At least we made some steps towards making that happen!

Other things are going pretty well. Except for the last 2 days. I've had a stomach bug which really hasn't been any fun at all. We've also had a bit of snow, which has been nice. About 3 inches today! I slept a lot, ate a little, and relaxed. Got a little work done, but mostly took it easy. Thankfully I'm feeling better tonight.