Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ok, so I finally got things worked out so I can actually upload photos again. Stupid mac has been acting up since I had the backlight problem and I let my hubby fix it instead of taking it to a Mac repair person. It works sometimes now, and I took advantage to upload some pics of the gifts my Secret Pal sent me! I feel so loved!

I opened my package to find this...a beautifully wrapped book, and a kit to make a bag out of beautiful green wool and purple/green/blue eyelash yarn.


I opened up the book to find this...Looks like it will be a great read! How did you know how much I love reading?!


Now, since I"ve been such a slacker, I'm adding the pictures from my first package. I got it a few weeks back. It's beautiful mohair/wool yarn in two shades of purple, a book called "Knitticisms" and a post card. As you can see, I had to start using the one purple yarn right away...I think it shall be a pair of fingerless gloves. ;)


close-up of the beautiful purples.