Sunday, November 27, 2005


I had an amazing weekend! We drove up to Buffalo on wednesday, and got in by 9:30PM which was nice. We had a great thanksgiving dinner with my mom and step father, which I helped cook. I love making thanksgiving dinner!

Friday afternoon, after breakfast with my dad and step mother, my hubby and I drove up to Niagara on the Lake, in Ontario, Canada. We hit a few wineries (Peller, Reif and Inniskillin), tasted and bought some wine, and met up with my friend Kristi and her fiance Mike. We stayed at the Oban Inn, an amazing inn right in town. We ate dinner there, and had an incredbile meal and great wine. Ok, maybe a little too much wine (is there such a thing?!). Saturday morning, we had breakfast and went our separate ways. Nathan and I hit a few more wineries (Jackson-Triggs and Hillebrand) for more tastes and buying. After hitting 5 wineries, we ended up buying a grand total of 17 bottles of wine. We really need a wine cellar.

Needless to say I didn't get much knitting done. We had way too much fun, and I only got 4 rows of Celia's alphabet sweater done. It was well worth it, and I look forward to drinking the wine.

Now we're home, and Celia ended up getting Pinkeye somehow. She's all congested and sneezy, so I'm guessing she just rubbed the snot in her eye again, seems to do that every so often. Lucky me gets to take her to the doctor in the morning for antibiotics. At least I get to sleep in a little. And this will give me time to do laundry...but I really wanted to work! Soon I should have an access code so I can work from home, but it's not done yet. I love being at a computer job and not in the lab. Bioinformatics is easy to do from home. Bench work, not so much.