Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sheep and Wool part 2

I had some pics I still wanted to post, so here goes!!

I lifted these from Saun and Zarah. Finally, I'm posting not one, but two pictures of me! I usually hate pictures of me, but these aren't that bad! And the company is cool! Saun was the woman I spoiled during SP6, and Zarah was one of the ladies in my group of participants for SP7! Too cool to meet these people!

Then some more shots of my other purchases (yes, there were more)...
This is my new drop spindle, I LOVE IT! I've got the green merino roving on it now, and some pink merino I got from Ebay on my other little spindle that Kelly gave me.

And this, is my favorite purchase. This is Tess' Designer Yarns cultivated Silk/wool. I started working with this the second I got home. I'm making the Streakers Shawl from spring 2006 IK. I love how it's coming out so far!

Now for some yarn porn. When I dream about MS&W, this is what I dream about:

And lastly, here is a pic of my little girl and my mom. Thanks so much for coming down to the festival with me! I can't wiat for next year!!!