Saturday, August 18, 2007

Prize pics!

Here's what I came home to on Thursday! What a fantastic surprise! I didn't expect so many beautiful yarns, and all ones I haven't tried yet!! Thank you SO much Sheri!!!

We have: All Things Heather, laceweight alpaca in a really pretty green, Urban Gypzy, twisted, in fun fall colors, and my personal favorite- Yarn Pirate, in pink, purple, yellow, white...just so pretty!! I can't wait to cast on.

But first...comes my Hogwarts Sock Swap 2 pal's socks. I need to work on those first!! Here's a pic of the yarn I dyed up a few weeks ago. I love how it came out, both the burgandy and gold are done with different concentrations of similar/the same colors. I'm trying a pattern that I haven't used before, and am going to do gold for the cuff ribbing, heel and toe. Fun!