Sunday, September 23, 2007

Perfect weekend.

Yesterday morning, I kissed my hubby and daughter goodbye, got in the car and got a few last minute things for their camping trip, while they went to gymnastics. I grabbed a starbucks on the way out, and decided that breakfast was a must as well, so I hit the McD's drivethru and grabbed an Egg and cheese biscuit and hashbrowns, and headed home. I watched TV while I had my breakfast, and then...went for my massage! I had my first prenatal massage of this pregnancy, and it won't be my last, let me tell you!! It was amazing. By the time I got home, my husband and daughter had just gotten to the campground and were working on the tent. So I spent a few hours in front of the TV relaxing, made some Mac N Cheese, and then did some dyeing. 13 skeins, almost all new colorways. Half of them are in a worsted weight alpaca blend- yummy. Then I thought of ordering dinner (from Waiter on the way, but decided that I couldn't justify the $10 delivery fee for just myself, so I made a cheese quesadilla and had some chips and salsa instead. It was pretty good too! After that, I watched more TV (reruns of Americas Next Top Model were on the DVR), and relaxed some more. Bed by 10, on clean sheets, and I had a great night sleep. The only down fall was waking up at 5 to a horrible smell. Turns out wet alpaca doesn't smell very good, and our bedroom is next to the laundry room. So after I sprayed my room, and closed the door, it was back to sleep til nearly 8. It was perfect. And now, in about 20 minutes, I'm heading out to meet up with the DC Metro Get Together with the ladies I've met who are all dealing with infertility in one way or another. They have been such a great support system over the last few months, and I can't wait to see them again!!!