Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bad blogger!

Wow, it's been ages since I've posted! My little guy has kept me quite busy! As has his big sister. Thankfully I've been able to find a little time to start knitting again! First time was when I was in Buffalo for a visit- both kids were in bed, so I got to work on a sock. AND then there was Maryland Sheep and Wool! I was very naughty. I only bought things on my list, which included some roving, and enough yarn for 1 sweater (the Central Park Hoodie). I ended up getting some Brooks Farm Solana in a brick red colorway for my sweater. It cost me most of my budget, but I know it's going to be SO worth it, since it's working up amazingly. Here is a pic of the yarn which is really much darker in person, and I'll take some pics of my CPH in progress, in a few days.

All else is going ok. I started back at work last tuesday, which was rough. I hate not getting to spend so much time with my kids. But I need to work, so there you have it. And of course, Seth got sick on Sunday/Monday this week. He had a fever, which of course is not a good thing in a 12 week old. So, we went to the doc, who did a urine collection by catheter, and sent us for a blood culture and urine culture, and bloodwork, because in infants that young, fever can be dangerous. Thankfully it looks like it was just a virus, but it was still pretty freaky. He screamed during the urine collection (duh- you should have seen how much tubing went up his pe.ni.s!). And at the lab, they tried to draw the blood out of both arms before they gave up and sent us to the hospital to have it done. After a whole morning of waiting in waiting rooms (at the Dr. office, lab, and then hospital), we both passed out. Thankfully by last night, his fever was gone, and he was more himself today.

On another note, Secret Pal 12 is starting soon! Sign ups opened last week, and are open for another week. Sign up fast if you're interested!! We've made a few changes, so we're really excited for this round!!