Sunday, December 14, 2008


Wow, how did it become December already?! It feels like it was just summer yesterday. Time has gone by SO fast!! A lot has been going on over here. Thankfully, Seth and Celia have both been healthy! It's a miracle! I managed to get a bacterial infection, which was of course on a weekend. Then I ended up with a stomach bug. And now I have a cold. Just can't win! But at least the kids are healthy!! Or at least were- Seth had a bit of a temp tonight when I put him down. Here's to hoping it was just teething and it's gone in the morning.

Getting ready for the holidays has been crazy. I'm partially done shopping, but still have some more to do. Maybe after work one of these days. And we'll do the "Santa" shopping one afternoon over lunch. I'm looking forward to having some down time over the holidays. We are not going anywhere! Which is good, because I'm SO tired!

I've been shopping a bit lately. I've started working on my fabric stash, so I can get back into quilting and try sewing. I got a new cell phone, since my old one crapped out on me. I ended up getting it at Costco, and saving some cash. The first phone I tried was the Samsung Glyde, which I absolutely hated. It was nice having a touch screen, but overall the execution just sucked. So I took it in and got a Blackberry Curve, which I absolutely love!! I'm debating on whether I want to turn it in and get a Storm, but they didn't have them in stock, so I didn't bother at the time. And think I'll just stick with what I have. I really like the feel of the Curve.

Been actually getting a lot of knitting done too! I finished my scarf, a drop stitch scarf out of some handspun silk/merino. I absolutely love it, and will take some pics soon and upload them. It's absolutely beautiful though! And I finished a hat for Seth, a pair of socks for Seth, and am working on a hat for Celia. It's been nice actually finishing projects!