Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank you!

My SP13 pal sent me the big reveal package a few weeks ago, and things have been so crazy that I completely forgot to blog about it! Bad girl- I need to be slapped.

Here is what I opened to find:

Some amazingly yummy fiber, which is just SO soft, and yummy, and amazing. I love that it's natural. So soft! I know I already said that, but it is! Then there was a drop spindle. Now the funny part about that is...that the very evening that the package arrived, I had a friend coming over to teach her how to spin!! So I parted with an old spindle and let her take that to play with, and now have a great pretty one, that I absolutely love. Also included, is some emu oil (great for cuticles she said), and some other Colorado things- a book, note cards, CHOCOLATE, and some yummy chocolate covered toffee. SO good!

So she also revealed herself to me- She is Marin, and she is absolutely fantastic. She did such a great job spoiling me, and I had such a blast with SP13!! Thanks so much for making it such a great swap Marin!

And this is the yarn I spun up the night I taught my friend to spin. This is the yummy yarn my SP sent me a while back, the SP colorway, Starry Night. It's absolutely gorgeous!! I tried SO hard to make it really uneven, because I was going for lots of texture, and it actually worked! Yay!!