Monday, December 28, 2009

Is this thing on?

I really missed writing here. I don't know why I stopped. Things just got crazy busy, and I completely lost all track of time.

When did Thanksgiving get here? And Christmas? Seriously??

At least I can now work on getting things back to normal.

Some updates:

I got a layoff notice in October, and was to be laid off Dec 31. Thankfully I interviewed for another position within my institute, and was offered the spot, so I took it. Am no longer getting laid off, thank goodness!

I went to the UK for 2 weeks in late November/early December. 2 full weeks in Cambridge. I was there for work, so I had to leave the husband and kids home. It was nice, but really lonely.

I've finished a few items- a Swallowtail Shawl, a few hats, and have been working on a Central Park Un-hoodie for my son's day care teacher (she asked if she could pay me- I let her buy the yarn but am not letting her pay me for the work. She has spent a ton of time with me outside of day care hours working with me and my son to help him learn to speak.

I got some new ink!! Finally, went and got a knitting tattoo. Fitting, because I was in Asheville, NC for SAFF at the time. And, I was a vendor at SAFF and had a great time! Fabulous show, and I can't wait for next year.

My son (who is now 23 months) has been receiving speech therapy, due to speech delay. His pediatrician and ENT both suggested this due to the fact that he has had so many ear infections and sinus infections. I am also doing a class with the County, called the Hanen Program, It Takes Two to Talk. Between ITTTT and the speech therapy, my son is finally making some real strides towards communication. He still has few words, but he is definitely expressing himself much better than he was. And his level of frustration is so much less. I've always been all about Early Intervention, and my son is living proof of how much EI helps.

And here are some kid pics! Can't believe how big they are getting!!