Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful time in Buffalo! It was really good to get there and see everyone and we had a very productive visit! Unfortunately before we left on thursday to head up, I noticed that my knee was really tight a bit sore. By the time I got to Buffalo (after doing about 5 hours of the 7 hours of driving), my knee was swollen to the size of an orange. After I went dress shopping (I'm the matron of honor in my friend's wedding), my knee was so swollen that I could hardly walk. It was like that through today, and is finally starting to reduce a bit. I can actually put osme weight on it now without too much trouble. I will probably still need to use crutches for a day or two, but at least it's getting better. Needless to say, it's my right knee so I managed to get a lot of knitting done int he car yesterday on the way back to maryland. I got most of a scarf done, and most of Celia's hat. Both are projects that I started in the last few weeks, but really wanted to get done. Of course, I'd post pictures but I managed to leave my digital camera in Buffalo at my mom's house. So I have to wait for UPS to deliver it for me. Then I'll post pics!

When I was home, my mom asked me to make a pair of socks for her. I ordered some yarn from Knitpicks last night so I can make the socks. Of course, so I can avoid shipping costs, I ordered some more double pointed needles in sizes I've been needing (since they were on sale!), and some sock yarn for me too. I will not post pics of her socks or yarn until she receives the socks (hopefully for her birthday in a month).