Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Taking the plunge

For a few weeks, I've been making sets of stitch markers in my spare time. I had gone to the local bead store (which has amazing beads!) and picked some beautiful glass beads that I thought would be neat as stitch markers. Since I love to do crafty things, I decided to open up a little online store to sell them. This allows me to make more, instead of having a stock pile of enough for 20 people! And I've also recently started making cards too, so I decided to throw some of those up to see if they take off. I love them! There will be a lot more over the next few weeks, I just wanted to get things rolling.

My store is here: Shelby's Stitch Markers and Cards. I'm offering a special to all participants of SP7! I'm giving a 10% discount and free shipping, plus I'll gift wrap and fill out a gift tag, as well as ship directly to your pal if you'd like. I hope you like them, I had a blast making them!