Friday, June 15, 2007

Thanks pal!!

The last 2 days have brought great surprises in my mail box from my SP10! Wednesday, here is what arrived:

The paper with it said...S is for Shelby, S is for Soft! And boy is she right! 2 yummy skeins of crystal palace cotton chenille, with a dish cloth pattern, AND 2 skeins of Malabrigo! Absolutely fantastic colors, super soft, and I'm so excited to start using them. Feeds my cast-on-itis!

Then yesterday, I walked in after a long day of work (my hubby stayed with Celia so I could go to some meetings I couldn't miss), and saw another package on my counter. I was totally confused, and excited! I opened up to find another piece of paper, with "S is for Shelby, S is for Spinning!"!

The first one is some lovely roving from Perchance to Knit in "pink is the NEW pink!" colorway. Then, came another roving from Blue Moon Fiber Arts that in Serendipity, which is just amazing in person. I can't wait to start spinning these up. Thankfully I got more bobbins at MS&W, so I can start one tonight!

Thanks so much pal! I can't wait to find out who you are, so I can get to know you! She's really done an amazing job at finding things I absolutely love. Thanks!!