Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CPH, sewing, and other goodies

I've been knitting away on my CPH! For once, I've been completely faithful to one and only project. Usually I'm switching between, but not this time. Nope. I've gotten the back, the left front and 1/4 of the right front done. I'm in awe at how fast I'm going on it. My mom gave me 3 years to complete this sweater when I bought the yarn at MSW this year. I think I'll beat that goal...and I'm hoping it smash it by less than 1 year. But we'll see, since the holidays are coming up.

I've also been adding to my fabric stash. I've decided to really start sewing again. I've been wanting to make some purses/bags for myself, and dresses/tops for Celia, so I found a coop-group and have loaded my order with several dozen yards of amazing designer fabric, and loads of patterns, at rock bottom prices, and I can't wait to get started!! I'm really looking forward to pulling out my sewing machine again. I heart coops!!

The sign-ups for my Harry Potter Yarn Club have closed, and I have 6 participants. I am so excited to get started on dyeing for the first shipment! The theme will be from the first book, and I've already got it planned out. Now I just have to get some time in the dye room!

Kids have been good, both were sick about 2 weeks ago. Seth started three sundays ago with a fever, which kindly lasted for 2 full weeks. They think it was back-to-back viruses and possibly a bacterial infection thrown in. Thankfully he's better now, which is good since last week he really scared me with his asthma. We even went back to the pediatric pulmonologist to have him checked again. Needless to say, he thinks we'll be "frequent flyers" with his office. Not great news, but at least we're on top of it. The down side tot he asthma, is that we're going to get rid of our last cat. We put Zoey down a month ago after she was diagnosed with kidney failure, and she wasn't really responding to treatment well. So we're down to one cat. And regardless of what anyone says, I can't shake the feeling that having a cat isn't going to help his asthma any, so she's probably going to go live with my in-laws. We are also tearing out the carpet in our family room downstairs, and putting in a beautiful Bamboo floor. DH is currently scraping up the old laminate tile floor off of the concrete slab, which has been a nightmare, but is finally coming up after 2 days of renting a machine to help. Next weekend, the inlaws come in to help us do the floor, which will be awesome. I can't wait to see how it looks!! And getting rid of the animal dander-filled (and animal waste filled, eeww!) carpet, hopefully his breathing will be better. I think we'll also be getting an air purifier at some point too. Gotta keep the allergens away from my little guy!

Not much else going on. Spending LOTS of time dyeing, spinning, knitting, and enjoying some time to myself.