Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gryffindor quiz

What yarn shop did Henry Longstaff shop at for yarn?
Mrs. Macs
Who is the HSKS6 SPEW coordinator?
Cliodnia Acromantula
Which Gryff student just returned from London?
Lady Felula the Forgetful
Which Gryffindor has cats named after the muggle rock band, The Ramones?
Dagmara Grindelwald
What is your favorite childhood television program (Magic or Muggle)?
Who's The Boss, or Blossom, or Full House, or Alf
What is your favorite adult television program (Magic or Muggle)?
Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters, Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girls or the OC depending on my mood.
Which travel destination did you last visit?
Hershey, Pennsylvania
What was your last finished object (FO)?
The cup cozy I made for my Starbucks and yarn swap pal.
How many project(s) planned for holiday gifts? How many do you expect to actually finish and give?
At least 2, one set of fingerless gloves, and scarf.
Who is the mother of Half Blood Prince?
Eileen Prince
Which Weasley became engaged in Book 6 (Half Blood Prince)?
Bill Weasley
What is the result of a Sectumsempra curse?
slashing the skin
Who used a Bezoar to reverse poisoning?