Friday, October 10, 2008

sickness again!

This has not been a fun week- again! My son is sick again. Last friday, he started with a fever of 103.3, and it was gone by Saturday. But Sunday, he started getting really cranky and feverish again. And his eyes were pussy. So he ends up having a double ear infection and conjunctivitis in both eyes- not fun at all. So he's been home. When he saw the Dr monday, he was breathing well. By Wed, it had deteriorated quite a bit and he was grunting/wheezing a LOT. So back to the Doc, and more meds later, we're still home but doing better. But of course, now I have a nasty sore throat (it's been there for weeks, but is now bad). Hmm...gotta love kids bringing germs home!

On a positive note, my CPH is coming along really well! I absolutely LOVE it. I can't wait to finish- and all I have left of pieces is 1 sleeve. This is the fastest I've ever worked on any project ever. Can you tell it's for me? :)

And...I got into a big craft show here! I've got a table at the DC Craft Mafia's The UnUsual Suspects show. I am sharing with another woman GetWiredDesigns. I can't wait! I'm dyeing away, and having a blast getting ready in my spare time.