Sunday, November 23, 2008

HSKS6 package!!

I got the most amazing package from my HSKS6 pal Lucy! This thank you post is WAY late, and I am SO sorry for the delay!! But, here are the fabulous pics!

Here is a shot of everything- look at all the goodies!! You can see a Hermione Granger themed package, which includes a canvas red bag with my initials, a great binder with patterns in it, a notebook for me to write in, and pens. Stitch markers, which are so cute!! An amazing hat, which is just beautiful, and the mitten pattern to go with it, with the yarn. Plus an amazing sock pattern, for Gryffindor pride socks, and the yarn to make it. And some yummy chocolates and jelly beans!! You rock Lucy! It helped make my last few weeks much better.