Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I have two thank you posts coming! But each one deserves it's own post, so they will be up soon.

I just spent 3 days in Miami. I went down early Saturday (left the house at 2am- ouch!), and got home at 2am on Tuesday morning. It was a fast trip, but amazing. The reason I went was to go to my aunt Debbie's memorial service. She was buried in Buffalo back in August, but since most of her life was spent in Miami, they had a big memorial there for her. It was awesome. I was thankfully able to stay with my uncle, grandmother and cousins to save some cash, which was a huge help. And I was able to help out, and just enjoy spending lots of time with my family.

The memorial service was lovely. I'm so glad I was able to go, and was wonderful to see everyone. I ended up going out both Saturday and Sunday nights with my cousins. Who knew clubbing in the Grove could be so much fun! Fat Tuesdays and Jaeger-bombs. MAN did we have some fun!!