Thursday, March 30, 2006

I love my daughter more than everything, but she drives me crazy every time she comes home sick. In Tennessee, I noticed that she was really congested, and by the time we got her home, she was very cranky and coughing a lot. So I took her to the doctor on monday, and the doctor said that she had strep throat. Again. So, wednesday morning when I woke up with a sore throat, I wasn't the least bit surprised. Went to the doctor first thing, and I was right= I also had strep. last week I only worked tuesday and wednesday, and this week, I only worked tuesday so far, and am going to work tomorrow. This sucks, since I have very little vacation time left. And I hate getting strep! I'm now 3 for 3 with Celia- she's had it 3 times, and given it to me all of the three times. Lucky me.

At least being home gives me a littel time to knit. I started a sweater for Celia out of the purple Cascade Superwash I bought in Tennessee, and started my second sock from this bright sock yarn I bought a while ago- my March Project Spectrum project, since it has hot pink in it.