Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tea time!

Ok, so I read over on Kerry's blog about an online Tea company called Adagio Teas. She sent me a promotional gift certificate to check it out, and boy am I now really excited to get my shipment in! She raved about the cream tea, so I got a sample of that, a sample of almond, cinnamon, vanilla, and chamomile too. I love tea, probably more than coffee (I bet that's a surprise to many of you!), and have been enjoying it since I was about 5, with cream and sugar, and I still like it the same way. It's funny, because my 2 year old also likes it. I will give her a little taste when I'm having some and she always wants more- though she does that with wine too, she's got sophisticated taste! Anyway, I'm really excited to try this tea. I even got a little something for my SP8, since I know she likes tea too! Two birds with one stone!

Thanks Kerry!!