Friday, June 30, 2006

So good!

Well, the Adagio tea is absolutely worth it!! SO GOOD!! I had some of the Assam melody this morning, and was in absolute heaven! If you like tea at all, definitely give it a try. It was funny yesterday too, because I was at Whole Foods, and they carry Adagio teas as well, only they are much more expensive. I'm definitely going to be ordering from them in the future. I want to try some of the teas I never see- like white teas, and rooibos teas. And as a promotion, they let you send friends a 5$ gift certificate to try some teas (the sample sizes are 1-2$ for most). If you want a gc, let me know and I'll set you up!

On the yarn front, I've been very bad. I'm part of the Summer of Stash which is to help use up your stash, and refrain from yarn buying. My two exceptions were a KnitPicks order for some things for my SP (which I did last month, and added in some of the Color your own yarn to make it to $40 for free shipping). The other exception was birthday related. I went to Woolwinders, the LYS closest to me, to pick up some size 10 dpns to make something special for my SP (but I"m not telling what!). I was walking around and the manager told me that Manos is going to be increased by $1 per skein when the owner came in and priced the new arrival of manos. I thought about it, walked around the store, and figured that if I could find a pattern for it, and buy only what is needed for the pattern, that it would be ok. Especially since my dad said he was sending me money for my birthday, and it was, in fact, my 30th birthday a few days before! So I saw this great Oat Coutoure pattern that I decided I just had to make, and figured that if I could find a color that had enough skeins, that it would be all mine! I found this fantastic green verigated, with all shades of greens, and some golds and browns thrown in. It's unlike ANYTHING I have at the moment, so I went for it. On my way to the check out, I mentioned that it was OK to misbehave since it was just my birthday. She asked me when it was, and how old I was, and she then said that they have a birthday discount! So I got 15% off everything! Nice!!