Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back from Buffalo

We drove up to Buffalo for Labor Day weekend! It was a fantastic time, filled with friends and family and food!

We got there around 11pm on thursday, which wasn't too bad! We usually leave later and get there after 1am, so this was a nice change. Friday I did some shopping with my mom, over at the Elmwood Yarn Shop, which I hadn't been to before. They had a great selection, which I took full advantage of! I ended up with a skein of Mountain Colors bearfoot, some Jawool, and some wildfoote. All of which I hadn't seen in person before, so it was a justified purchase. ;) Then I met up with an old friend from the lab where I worked during my undergrad/grad and post-grad time. It was great to catch up with her!! So much going on, but some things are still the same. After lunch, we went home and rested a bit. Dinner was one of the best parts of the trip! Nathan and I decided to head up to the Old Orchard Inn, where we got married/had our reception. I asked my mom and step father to come with us, and since my brother was in town he came too! It was a blast, the food was just as good as I remember it, and Celia had fun (even if it was just checking out the potty and eating the cinnamon rolls). After Celia was in bed, we headed out to a wine bar and had a glass. I was so tired, that I drank down my glass and begged to go home and put on jammies, so we did! And watched some old episodes of Cheers that my mom has been getting on netflix. I forgot how much I love Cheers!

Saturday I went shopping with my mom and step father, and Nathan took our daughter out to meet his parents for lunch. I had a dress shopping date for one of the upcoming weddings I'm in. Since I left a little early, I stopped for lunch, at Mighty Taco!!!! I had 2 beef and cheese tacos on a hard shell, with hot sauce and sour cream, and they were absolutely amazing! They were so much better than I remembered!! All I can say is wow! Then I headed to Davids Bridal. The dress is absolutely lovely, and we bought it then and there. I even bought it 2 sizes too big, in case I happen to end up pregnant between now and then. I'd hate to have to buy another dress just because I'm pregnant. Thankfully they strapped on the baby belly, and it worked perfectly.

Then, it was home for my uncles' birthday dinner. The kids had a blast, there are 3 total with my daughter and two cousins. They had way too much fun, it was cute to see them all running around.

Sunday was spent partly with my dad, partly relaxing and getting ready for the drive. We had breakfast with my dad, and at lunch time headed over to Teds Hot Dogs and had a foot long with cheese and Ketchup and fries with vinegar...LOTS of vinegar. It was SO incredible. THEN, dinner ended up being pizza and wings. REAL pizza and REAL wings... I think I put on all I've lost in the last 2 weeks...but it was SO worth it!!

The other great party about Saturday, was that I finished my green/purple jaywalkers!! I absolutely love them, and will post a pic soon. Now I must work!! So much to do in so little time!

On another note, Sign-ups for SP9 started last week, and go through the end of the month. Should be a blast!!! Check it out!!