Friday, September 22, 2006

Thanksgiving in Williamsburg

We decided this year, that instead of staying home and doing more house work over thanksgiving, that we'd do a little get-away! We wanted to do something somewhat close, but not so close that being in a hotel wouldn't be worth it. At first we thought maybe Philly, but then settled on Williamsburg, VA. Close, just a few hours drive, but far enough that we'll be away from home. I can't wait! I just really need a break! It was a very long summer, without any chance for a vacation with the move and everything. I can't wait to go, and they even have an Embassy Suites there, so we're thrilled. They always have a huge breakfast and a little cocktail hour in the afternoons that are complimentary. And with 2 rooms, at bedtime, you can close kid into the bedroom, and watch TV/read in the living room area. I first got hooked on this chain in Franklin, TN when visiting my brother, but it really is ideal for traveling with young kids.

Hmmm, I wonder if there are any yarn shops in Williamsburg? Need to do some research on that one!