Monday, September 18, 2006

pics finally!!

I finally am getting around to posting many pictures I haven't gotten around to uploading yet.

First are pictures of fingerless gloves. The first (Voodoo from Knitty) is a christmas gift, the second (Fetching from Knitty) is a birthday gift for next weekend.

And this is the vest I started a while back. It ended up being way too big, so I frogged it.

This is a felted bag out of Manos. I did this one at Sunday in the Salon at Woolwinders.

This is my hat I also did at Sunday in the Salon. It's for my hubby out of bulky Cascade yarn.

And my Jaywalkers, in green and purple Lornas Laces (lime and violet...I started these way before the podcast, just a funny coincidence!)

Here are the felted mittens I made my daugheter at Sunday in the Salon, all I need to do now is add on a cuff.

And here, is the lovely yarn from Savvyminx. It's called Sweetheart, and I'm in love!!