Monday, February 25, 2008

Home sweet home

Well, it's been quite the week!! I had a feeling that once I stopped taking the Pro.cardia that the contractions would start up again pretty quickly, but I had no idea just how quickly! When we went to the hospital last Tuesday, the nurse taking care of me in Triage made it seem like they'd try to prolong labor a bit longer, and send me home. Imagine my surprise, when my OB walked in around 1, asking if I was ready to do this. Um yeah!! This kid wants out, who am I to stand in his way?! So the surgery went well, it was pretty quick, considering they did 2 things while in there (let's just say that after a round of IVF, having gestational diabetes twice, and dealing with preterm labor this time, I'm DONE!).

We're all adjusting pretty well to having a new baby in the house. I'm still really sore, and exhausted. But it's getting better as time goes on. Celia is doing beautifully! She's so excited to have a baby brother, every time she sees anyone new, she tells them all about how she has a new baby brother. Here's a pic of her and Seth. She really loves that we let her hold him by herself.

My inlaws were here from Thursday until early this morning, which was a big help. It was nice not to worry about where dinner was coming from. And to have extra hands to help with Celia and Seth. I got to take naps daily, and really take care of myself, which I think has really helped with the recovery. I went off the Per.cocet yesterday, and am only taking extra strength motrin now! Of course, I did have to finish a hat that I had started for Seth while in the hospital. It's interesting to knit when you have an IV in your wrist, but I got it done!