Saturday, February 09, 2008


Man am I nesting!! I am 35 weeks today, and have only 3 weeks and 2 full days before my C-section. I have SO much I want to get done, and can't do it all. Little things are driving me crazy. I went to grab something from my desk, and it's a mess! So I grabbed the 2 piles of patterns that have been sitting there for over a year (and falling off whenever I am looking for something that they're hiding), and FINALLY organized them in sheet protectors and binders. I am so proud of myself! This afternoon, while my husband is doing a few things around the house that need to get done (blinds, putting in a new cable jack), I'm going to relax with Celia, and maybe organize my stash. Right now there's no real system to how I have things. All weights are thrown in together. Since it's a low activity thing to do (at least less than scraping the bathroom wallpaper, which I really can't do right now but is driving me equally as crazy!), I'm going to go through and organize my stash a bit better. And actually take inventory of what I have. I'm usually really good at remembering things like that (and where they came from or if they were a gift, who they came from), but I found a skein the other day that I have NO idea where it came from. I'm sure I got it, but where did I buy it? That sort of thing drives me nutty.

So, hopefully I'll have some great pics to post tomorrow on my progress.