Wednesday, July 30, 2008

when it rains...

So we've had an interesting week and a half. The vacation was MUCH needed, and I'm so glad we took it when we did. Because we came back to a huge storm of activity at both my job and my husbands. I've had deadlines to work towards, which is keeping me very busy. And my husband has been dealing with the results of the new housing bill being signed (probably this week). Unfortunately, it's not good for his company- in fact, they will likely be shut down relatively quickly (in the next few months). For now it's a waiting game to see what happens, and how they react, and then he'll be looking for a new job. Most likely. Unless a miracle happens and they're able to continue in their business (which really isn't likely). So it will be an interesting few months coming up.

On the plus side, we had some testing this week on the baby, to see what else could be causing his asthma/breathing issues. And thankfully nothing big came up. He does reflux a little (which we knew), but it doesn't go into his airway. He does have some swallowing issues which causes some milk to go into his nasal passageway (again, no shock considering when he spits up, it usually comes out of his nose too). The doc has him continuing on his pul.micort once a day, and now we're thickening his feeds with 1 tsp of rice cereal per ounce of formula. Nice and thick. And it seems to be helping a little with the spitting up/refluxing, which is a good thing. However his breathing is still wheezy, but we do expect that since the ped. pulmonologist thinks that he really does just have infant asthma. I say "just", because at least there is nothing more wrong- no structural abnormalitles or anything. The asthma part does scare the hell out of me, but we'll learn to deal with it. And for now, at least he isn't too upset over the wheezing, in fact he doesn't even notice it.

I have had a very productive week as well! I finished spinning up my yarn for my HHHH swap pal. It's all spun and plied, and all I have left to do is wash it and let it dry. I'm right on track! And I finished my Ravelry scarf exchange pal's scarf as well. I love it, and wish I didn't have to give it up. I'll post pics of both of these once the packages have been received by their recipients. I can't wait to see what they think!! Now all I have to do is knit a cup cozy for my Starbucks and yarn swap pal, and I'm good! My SP12 will be getting her first package this week. Unfortunately between vacation and the baby's issues, I've gotten completely distracted and have forgotten to put her package together (even though I have the stuff for it!!). Tonight though...tonight for sure.

I hope to post some WIP pics soon. Or at the very least, some pics from our vacay. Or from our peach picking trip this weekend. I love living less than 15 minutes from 2 fabulous pick-your-own fruit farms. We now have a bushel and a half of peaches, and I can't wait to freeze a ton of them down this evening. Have to do that before they get too ripe. They are incredible though...nice and fresh, sweet and tart, and perfect.