Wednesday, August 06, 2008

long week

Well, one of my cats is sick. Zoey (who is my favorite kitty in the whole world), went to the vet on Monday and we found out that she has renal failure. She's been on IV fluids for a day and a half, and her values haven't really dropped (some have, but the important one went up). So we're waiting to see how she does for another day. Hopefully she can come home tomorrow. I miss my Zoey!

On another front, I've been busy cleaning. When I get worried about something, I tend to clean. So I've torn apart the office and am working on getting it back together.

I also spent a few hours dyeing over the weekend!! I'm hoping to do a shop update soon. Though I am getting ready for a few local craft shows, so I'll be busy dyeing up extras for those as well.

I also got a gift from my SP SP12 pal:

Lovely fleece artist sea wool. I can't wait to cast on some fabulous socks!! Thanks so much pal!!

I finished spinning for my HHHH pal, and will get her package out this week. I also finished knitting my pals scarf for the Ravelry scarf exchange. That package goes out this afternoon. Then I get to go to a meetup at a BN near me this evening!

I've also received a great package from my HHHH pal too. I absolutely love it!! It's amazing. Here are a few pics:

Included is a bottle of late harvest wine (which was absolutley amazing!!), beautiful handdyed roving in a "Starry Night" colorway, which I absolutely love, the handspun which I absolutely love and can't wait to use. Then there was some shoes for Seth, a purse with fun princess jewelry for Celia, some other accessories, and some fun wine charms. I was SO spoiled, and I can't wait to use everything. Thanks so much Daddysgirl.I was SO spoiled! You really rock.