Monday, August 11, 2008

Ravelry Scarf Swap

Today was a rough day. After taking Celia to the dentist, I came home to a great surprise. My Ravelry Scarf Swap package!! Here is what was inside:

The most amazing scarf ever!! It's SO soft, and the loveliest light blue color. It's got beaded/lace edging, and it's so warm and big! I can't wait to wear it. I put it around my shoulders, and instantly felt a huge hug. I really needed that today, thanks!

Then there was one of the books I've been wanting to read (Things I learned from knitting whether I wanted to or not), a chocolate covered rice krispie treat, some cup cozies, really fun felted stitch markers, and another pretty front/back row marker, as well as a pad of paper and a pen, some fun soap, lotions, and a lovely lavendar sachet. I was SO spoiled, thank you SO much Erin!! You had perfect timing, and I absolutely LOVE everything!!