Friday, April 07, 2006

knitting content

Last year at MS&W, I fell in love with Tess Designer Yarns. I was trying to behave, so I didn't buy any of their yarn. When I got home I immediately regretted it, and had to find the name of the place who had the beautifully dyed yarn! I knew it had Designer yarns in the title, so I found it pretty easily from the Vendors page. I found their website, and every so often I would go and look at the colors and yarns and dream about what I wanted to get this year. Finally, I decided to make a purchase from their store. The owner was wonderful to deal with, and told me about some pretty new colors she had dyed that suited what I was looking for. The package should go out in the next few days and arrive next week! The other cool thing, is that yesterday, when I was daydreaming again while browsing, I noticed a banner flashing on their webpage saying that she was looking for sample knitters! So right away I e-mailed her saying that I was interested. She e-mailed me back and said to call her so we could talk about it! I'm going to be a sample knitter for Tess' Designer Yarns!! I"m so excited! And even better, I get paid in Yarn! She is sending me my first project, that I will bring to her at MS&W this year, it's in microfiber ribbon, which I"ve been really wanting to try. I can't wait for my package to come in now! Woo hoo!!