Monday, April 03, 2006

Oh my goodness!!!

I came home to a wonderful surprise!!! The last package from my AMAZING secret pal Kelly!!! I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me, you really did your research and found things that I LOVE!!!

I opened the package to find a gorgeous green and pink bag, and a letter that said I was about to open my Emergency Kit for moving! I looked through it, and here is what I found:

This, is a cool sewing kit, to help with my quilting, knitting and all that! I love the designs, so pretty!

This shows a cool CD that Kelly put together for me, the pink/green/purple striped bag and needle case, which are great! I've been wanting to make one myself, but my fabric is in storage right now! The magic loop book and really pretty sock yarn, to work on while we're packing/moving for a small project!

And here is a chocolate care bear, chalk animals for Celia, a CD case, some cute rubons for my card-making,

And here, are some ducks for Celia (who LOVES ducks), Twizzlers, which are my favorite candy, a beautiful beaded bag with really pretty stitch markers, darning needles, and needle covers, all of which are sitting on my pretty new needle case (did I mention that I love it!!). I am so amazed at the generosity of my pal, I'm such a lucky woman!!