Friday, April 07, 2006

SP8 and other stuff

SP8 signups started on April 1, and already we have almost 300 participants signed up! I'm really impressed at how many people are signing up, it's going to be an AWESOME round! If you're looking for info on SP8, check out our website!!

A few weeks back I was talking with a friend who does stained glass as a hobby, and every so often she does craft fairs. So she asked me if I"d like to share a table at one in May! I'm definitely doing it, the entry fee wasn't too bad, and it is a 2 day festival! I'm working on getting some more bracelets and cards together, along with LOTS of stitch markers. I want to have LOADS ready for the start of SP8 (since I"ll again be offering a discount!) and for the fair.

On the house front, things have stalled a little. When we signed the contracts, we asked for 45 days to sell our townhouse, which we thought would be more than enough. Apparently the market is a little slow to get started up for spring, and we haven't gotten ANY offers yet. I'm really getting stressed now, because in 8 days, we lose the contract on the "perfect" house. Keep your fingers crossed for us that we sell the house really quickly! If not, then this house was not meant to be ours and we'll find something else when we finally do sell.