Tuesday, February 20, 2007


First, last night I found a hat I started at Woolwinders a few months ago at Sunday in the Salon. It's in grey baby alpaca, and is the softest yarn I have ever used! I finished it as my daughter was taking her bath. I wore it this morning, and it's so warm!!

The second...are myMonkey Socks!! I'm wearing them today, and I love them!! I finished these Sunday night while watching TV. This makes these socks the fastest pair of socks I've ever done!! Just over a week and a half. I'm SO proud!! And I'm completely in love with them.

And, last night, I made 6 more sets of stitch markers for my shop!! I'll post pictures tonight!

The extra bonus was that my husband and I both had yesterday off for Presidents Day. My daughter's day care was open, so we dropped her off and ran errands. We got our taxes done (we owe way more than we thought), went grocery shopping, and went to lunch and to play pool (after 2 margaritas, I forgot all about what we owe in taxes). Fun day overall!! What a productive weekend!!

EDIT: Here are the pictures!!