Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This week has been pretty lousy so far. Apparently something I ate on Sunday really didn't agree with me, and I was rudely awaken at 11:30 sunday night with the sudden realization that I was about to get sick. I didn't sleep well after that, and really didn't feel well either. I ended up staying home Monday, since i still felt like I was going to hurl again, and had a horrible headache. Since no one else was sick (or has shown signs yet), I'm going with the idea that it was food poisoning.

Today, I got up with the hopes that everything would be closed- we had a storm in the forecast. I was so impressed that it was snowing, and schools were actually open! So off to work I went. After the schools decided to close early (ice is coming this evening and the roads were getting a little slick), I decided to head home with my laptop and some work. Since my hubby was home already (his co-workers live in Baltimore, so it was a "work from home" day today for him), I stopped off at Panera to pick up something for lunch. After a few hours, they announced that the Federal Government was closing early (at 2pm), so I got Celia and we played outside a bit. It's definitely getting a bit worse outside, more snow/sleet is coming down. I just shoveled the driveway and it's already got a small layer again. The thing I'm terrified of is what may come tonight. They're predicting an ice storm, with anywhere between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of ice covering surfaces. I don't mind snow at all- I can handle feet and feet of snow. But ice scares the crap out of me. No one "knows" how to drive on ice because it's so unpredicatable. I just really don't like it. So I'm crossing my fingers again, that tomorrow will be an actual snow day. And if it's icy anyways, I have enough work to do so I could work form home to avoid driving in the ice. I really hate ice. Can you tell?!