Sunday, February 04, 2007

the morning after.

We had so much fun last night! We ended up at the mall, looked at some furniture, and wandered around Barnes and Nobel. I used a gift certificate I got for Christmas, and picked up Victorian Lace Today and the winter issue of Interewave Knits. Then we headed to Melting Pot for our reservation. We were there about 10 minutes early...but they didn't seat us until almost 10PM! We were famished, and a bit annoyed. Thankfully, they were really great about it, and ended up taking $32 off our bill- essentially our drinks were free! I was really impressed. They were just very busy last night. We did end up with a fantastic corner booth, that was for about 6 people, all to ourselves. The food was incredible too. I really do love fondue!

On another topic, I stumbled across a fun contest on a Susie's blog! Go check it out!