Thursday, February 15, 2007


I have to find it funny how people in Maryland/DC area react to storms. Tuesday morning I was SO impressed that school was open! Then of course they closed early, as did the federal government. After that, we did get a bit of sleet (maybe 4 inches or so of sleet/snow combo) and a tiny bit of freezing rain (at least in our area). Schools have been closed down since and several are already saying they will be closed tomorrow because they can't get rid of all the ice/snow. I stayed home wednesday and today. I do get freaked out with I figured 1 more day at home working wouldn't be a horrible thing. I did think about it, until my husband said his ride in was OK but a lot of lanes were not open and blocked.

Knitting progress: Monkey socks! 1 is done, and the second is just about at the heel flap! Yeah!