Sunday, March 18, 2007


Life has been a bit hectic lately! In the last 2 weeks, I celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary with my hubby, gone to a wedding (that I was a bridesmaid in and my hubby was a groomsman- the couple actually met and hooked up at our wedding 5 yrs ago), had a second birthday party for our daughter, in Buffalo, so our families could be there, taught a class, got sick and recovered, am sick again, and just all sorts of other crazy things!

First- we had our house re-sided. It looks fantastic!!

Then here's some shots from the wedding!! It was so much fun! No better way to spend your anniversary than in a wedding of 2 good friends. What a weekend!!
My hubby- at the other end of the table (there's the bride too!).

Sorry for the poor picture quality here-- we were moving and the hubby whoever took the pic was a bit tipsy! That's what you get when there are bottles of wine on the tables! Yeah!!

Me and my friend Kristi- I'm the matron of honor in her upcoming wedding!

On to yarny goodness-
Sock Madness! I started, then failed... I'll definitely finish the sock though. It's some handdyed yarn from my SP9 Penny, and KnitPicks Essential from Suzie, my KTS2 pal.

Here's my progress on the Trinity jacket KAL I'm in. It's actually much further now, I just didn't get around to taking a pic again. I'm about to bind off for the arms. I love the pattern, and the yarn is a dream!!

Then there's my STR Rockin Sock Club shipment! It arrived while I was away at the wedding, and I tore it open the second I walked in the door. YUMMY!!! Monsoon, how do I love thee!

Next post will have HUGE thank=you's from my FCS2 pal, and a few others!