Tuesday, March 13, 2007

something new

We've been going out to eat way too much lately! I can tell by the way the bank card shudders when I pull it out of my wallet, and by the way my jeans have been fitting. Somethings' gotta change!! A few months back, a friend invited me to check out Let's Dish, and I checked the website out and nearly choked at the prices. I passed on that one (couldn't make the time anyways). Then, the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. Making a bunch of dinners at once, packaging them up and shoving them in the freezer. Many of them are cooked up in under a half hour, with little work involved at that time. And, they are fresh/healthy ingredients. So...I ran it by my husband last night, and we looked at the online menu, and I signed up to do a session tomorrow night. I'll be preparing 8 dinners, each with 6 servings (there are 3 of us, so it will really work out to 16 total dinners). And if you do the math, it's WAY cheaper than going out to dinner those 16 times...which unfortunately lately, we've been doing. Last week alone, we went out for dinner 4 times. Not including lunch on Saturday AND sunday. Some of the food looks really good, so I'm hoping! Plus it gets me out of the house tomorrow night and a little "me" time. I'm really looking forward to it!