Monday, May 07, 2007

Bad Blogger!!!

MS&W was absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, I had my camera with me, but didn't use it at all! Not a single picture- bad blogger!! I borrowed a pic from Jody that has me in it, because I'm such a dork and didn't take my camera out. I realized as we were in the parking lot that I totally forgot to use my camera. Sheesh!
Here's a group of us at the blogger meetup. It was fun to meet some people, and hang out a bit. I'm the one in the purple shirt with the hat. ;)

I had loads of fun, my Mom and I left her hotel at around 8:10, and we got there around 8:45. We shopped, we waited in line, we shopped lots more! The Lambburger was awesome, which something I hadn't tried before. I went a wee-bit over budget...but really didn't do too badly overall. There was a woven purse that I could NOT pass up (and neigher could my mom). We both got one as a reminder of the festival this year. The t-shrit line was too long, so we splurged instead. So much fun!! We both got some great things. I'll post pics later of what I picked up. I even managed to get some shopping done for Nicol, which I"ll get in the mail tomorrow. It was so much fun shopping for colors I usually stay away from.

Overall, it was the PERFECT weekend. Loads of yarn, sheep, food, and fun! I can't wait for next year now! Thank goodness Stitches East is coming up between now and then. YEAH!