Sunday, May 06, 2007

Knitters Treat Exchange!!

Yesterday, as my mom and I were pulling into the driveway from MSW, I noticed a box hanging off the mailbox! I instantly knew it was my KTE pal, since she had told me it was in the mail. I was SO excited to see what was inside, I forgot about all the purchases I made at the festival (more on that in another post). My pal was Katie, and she's just awesome! Thanks SO much Katie!!!

Here's what was inside:
Three magazines! One is Canadian Living, the other is Ricardo which is a food magazine, and Chirp, which is a kids magazine for Celia (who instantly grabbed it and ran off!).

Then we have 4 great treats- Coffee Crisp, Smarties, Palomine and maple sugar candies! Three of each (one for me, hubby and Celia). So yummy!! Then there's the yarn- some Briggs and Little for me to dye (with kool aid included), and some Fleece Artist, which is in such a pretty colorway! There's two bars of soap- one in Vanilla, and the other Lavendar (both favorites of mine!), and last- but certainly not least- the can of Tim Hortons Coffee!!! I was SO excited to see this when I opened it up. I brewed a pot this morning, and I drank the whole thing (with some help from my mom, of course!). Yummy!!

I'll post more on the Sheep and Wool festival tonight. Off to a springtime BBQ!