Friday, July 27, 2007

cleaning house.

With the news of the twins (it's still really wierd to say/write that!), I've decided that we really need to organize our house and make it super kid friendly. Thankfully, we just moved last year, into a much bigger house than we had before, so some of the rooms are really in good shape. Then there's the office, which is a disaster zone. We use it as an office for both of our businesses. My hubby is a consultant (writes software), and I do my jewelry/stitch markers/cards/yarn dyeing. Since we moved in, the office has been the "catch all" for random things. No one sleeps there, so out of sight, out of mind. I started going through things last night, and got rid of a bunch of random boxes that have been sitting in there collecting dust. I have to organzie my yarn stash. And beads/cardmaking/scrapbooking supplies. I do have a wonderful neighbor who is an avid scrapbooker. And she had this fantastic travel paper carrier (it's HUGE). She hardly used it, and it was sitting collecting dust, so she offered it to me for $45. So I gladly accepted, and brought it home Wednesday. This weekend I plan on organizing all of my paper stash, and putting away the stuff I don't use all the time. Which really is most of it. And figure out what to do with my fabric stash. I have loads for quilting, but haven't in a while. I think the twins will help get me out of that rut. I made a quilt for Celia (or quilt TOP I should say), but never actually put it together. The top, batting and backing have been sitting in a box for over 3 years now! Sad!!

Anyway, I seem to be in the mood to clean and organize. We'll see how much I get done this weekend. Hopefully loads! And some dyeing too- some of my Harry Potter yarns have really flown off the "shelves!". I'm so psyched!