Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Double Thank You!!

SP10 has been awesome! I love these exchanges, because I love buying gifts for others, and trying to figure out what they'd like based on their blog. I had the pleasure of spoiling Fairy GodKnitter, Joan. She was great to spoil, she's a wonderful lady, and has gone through a lot the last few years! She also lives in my hometown, so hopefully I'll even get to meet her when I'm home next!

Later last week, I came home to yet another package from my pal! I opened it up to find two incredible skeins of Scout's swag. Beautiful, beautiful colors- I love them! I'll post a pic later- the theme this time was "S is for Shelby...S is for Scout!". I can't wait to cast on another pair of socks for myself!!

Then yesterday when I opened up the mailbox, it was STUFFED! completely stuffed with a huge package. I pulled it out and ran inside to open it. Inside, was the final, reveal package.
It contained a pattern for an adorable sweater for Celia, called the bow wow sweater, and the yarn to make it- Cascade 220 in a fabulous light purple. She squeeled when she saw the color, it was so cute! Then there was the soap- from one of my favorite soap companies- Alchemic Dragon in a yummy red clover tea scent. Then there was the reveal card. I open it, slowly, because I"m dyeing to find out who it is, yet am trying to figure it out at the same time. I had no good guesses, so I opened it. My SP10 was Kerry!!. I had absolutely NO idea it was her! I was a little suspicious that it had to be someone who "knew" me, either from a different exchange, or my hostessing her, but boy was I shocked! I spoiled Kerry in SP9, and had so much fun with it!! I guess she wanted to have a turn with me, and I'm so honored that she did! She's such an amazing lady, and I've had such a fun time getting to know her over the last few years of SP hostessing. Thank you Kerry, you really went above and beyond, and spoiled me completely rotten! I can't thank you enough!

I'll post pics of the last 2 sp10 packages Kerry sent tonight. I'm still blown away!!