Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lace? Me???

I have the shortest attention span sometimes. I've tried to do lace MANY times, and can not seem to get it down. I always screw up on every row, and I just can't focus. Last summer, during SP10, my pal Kerry sent me a lace stole pattern and some Schaefer Anne. I loved the pattern and yarn, but wasn't in the right place to start it. Especially once I was pregnant, the idea of keeping my attention on anything seemed to go right out the window! I was thinking the other day about this beautiful yarn and lace pattern. One of the women I spoiled a few years back, FGK does really amazing lacework, and she's been inspiring me ever since. So I finally took the plunge and cast-on for my stole. And...I'm actually 3 repeats in to the first part of the pattern! That's a whole 12 rows in, without any mistakes!! I'm absolutely loving how the pattern is turning out, and the yarn is SO soft! Here is my first pic...I took it last night before I did 4 more rows. I'm afraid I may become a bit obsessed with lace, if I can actually make it work, that is.