Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thank you!!

My SP12 sent me my first package, and it arrived yesterday! I was debating on whether to wait until my birthday to open it (tomorrow), or to open it right away. My daughter kind of took care of that decision for me by begging me to open it, and I was having a hard time resisting anyways, so it was easy to cave in. ;)

Inside, (pictures will follow when I have my camera) was copies of Back on Blossom Street and Susannah's Garden. Two books I've been wanting to read! I'm so excited! Usually I have such a hard finding authors that I like, and after reading the first 2 books in the Blossom Street series, I decided to branch out and try another of her books. She also sent me a brea.st self exam kit from Bath and body works. This is so fitting, because of the fact that my aunt has been in the hospital for a while, with breast cancer (that has spread), and she's likely losing her battle. I've been very good about doing my monthly self exams, I had my first mammogram last summer, and I'm doing everything I can to ensure that I am OK. Or that if I'm not, that I can at least catch it early. Thankfully, her form doesn't seem to be genetic, but there's so much that is unknown that I'm not taking any chances. Then was the oragami paper crane, which is stunning! And now hanging up in my cube so I can look at it whenever I need to see something pretty.

Thank you SO much pal!!! You really helped make my birthday special!