Wednesday, July 26, 2006

gotta love 2 year olds!

The other day when I was ordering my STR, my 2 and a half year old was watching over my shoulder. She squeels, and says "I LIKE THIS YARN!!". I think I'm creating a monster! And I love it. Now I'll have more excuse to have a bigger stash once she's a little older and can learn to knit. ;)

On the destashing front, I had friends up this past weekend. One of the girls (my friends SIL) wanted to learn to knit, so I taught her in less than 5 minutes. She picked it up very quickly, and was THRILLED when I handed over two balls of baby acrylic yarn that I bought a few years ago for gifts that I never used (unfortunately the baby I was going to make the blanket for didn't make it). I knew I'd never touch it, so I handed it over to her. She loved it!

And I finished fingerless glove #1 for my SIL's christmas present! And I'm working on the gussett of Jaywalker #1.

This weekend I"m looking forward to! Sunday, I"m meeting up with Javajem over at Woolwinders for their sit and knit. This week is on learning continental or english style knitting, depending on what you want to learn! I'm so excuted! It will be awesome to meet a fellow local knitblogger!