Sunday, July 30, 2006


It's been a productive weekend! First, and most importantly, my first Jaywalker sock is done!! I was initially attracted to the pattern because my maiden name was Jay...but the sock is great! I am absolutely loving this Lornas Laces yarn. It's so soft, and works up really beautifully. And the green/purple doesn't hurt! I am so in love with this sock, and this pattern, that I will definitely do it again. NO SSS for me!!

The other productivity comes with cleaning. The island in the kitchen was completely full of miscellaneous things. Things we hadn't found a place for, junk mail, random things. Now it's clean!! And our cars, which haven't been cleaned in a very long time, are now clean too! There were still french fries from our last car trip (January!), and now they are all gone! The sucky thing is that in the process, we broke the vacuum. Don't try to suck animal crackers up with a regular vacuum appholstery attachment. That will teach me not to buy a shop-vac!

Then today, I went over to Woolwinders for their Sunday in the Salon lesson. Today was on knitting "continental". It was especially cool because Jody met me there. It was fun to meet and knit with a knitblogger I've been chatting with online. She's so awesome! If you haven't visited her blog yet, go check it out! I think we'll be getting together to knit once and a while, and I'm going to help her finish her quilt! And I learned how to knit with my right hand as well (I've always thrown with my left hand) which was great! Now maybe I won't be so terrified to try fair isle.

That is all! I'm tired from washing my car...must cast-on for Jaywalker #2.