Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fantastic monday!

The words fantastic and monday rarely belong in the same sentence together for me! Yesterday was a perfect exception!

Work was good, I got a lot accomplished. And I went to an impromtu lunch with some co-workers to On The Border for Mexcian. YUMMY!!!

For my birthday, my husband and daughter got me a gift certificate for a massage, which I turned in yesterday! I was early, and managed to resist popping into Woolwinders beforehand. I was proud! I stopped for an iced vanilla latte before my massage, and boy was it good!

I got home around 6:30, and Nathan had made Dinner (chicken nuggets, canned green beans and canned peaches) and fed Celia. I walked in the door and he tossed a few more nuggets in the oven for me.

I spotted a box and a soft envelope on the counter, with my name on it!! The box was my Amazon.com order of books, I got Socks Soar on 2 circs, Spin-it, and Knitting on the Road. All 3 look great, I can't wait to sit down and really look through them. The second package, was my STR!! I was SO excited to open this one. I have to say it is SO soft, and the color is incredible. I can't wait to play with it this week.

Last night my hubby and I got Celia to bed together, on time! We relaxed and watched some TV, while I spun some of the alpaca that I got at MS&W. It's so soft, pretty and just easy to spin.

In bed by 9:30!!

The PERFECT monday!!