Friday, August 11, 2006

9 pm???

I went to my SnB last night, which was great! Half way through, Lisa came in which was great! We chatted a bit, but after we left we realized that we really didn't get to talk very much. We called our respective husbands and asked if we could stay out and play longer! There was a starbucks in teh plaza, so we decided to walk over there...except that it was closed! At 9pm!! So we tried to think of another place to go for coffee, but couldn't. I finally remembered another area just down the road with restaurants, so we ended up at Dogfish Head! Booze is much better than coffee! She had a white chocolate martini and a sour apple-tini (both made with their own vodka), and I had two glasses of Fat Bastard Shiraz (one of my absolute favorites!!). We stayed out until about 11, and it was SO much fun! I'm a little tired today, but it was really worth it! I never get to go out to bars anymore (at least when it's not just for a quick happy hour)!