Friday, August 18, 2006

now for my WIPs

I requested that my SP8 participants post a list of their works in I figured it was only fair to show mine too. This is really sad...I had no idea it was this bad!

Here is the "streakers shrug" from IK spring 2006. I'm using the Tess Designer Yarns Cultivated Silk Wool, and absolutely love it! It's just a lot of stitches since I'm at the sleeves, so I've put this one aside for now.

This is a wash cloth for my friend Rachel, who absolutely LOVES Canada. We are from Buffalo, NY, so Niagara Falls/Toronto are like second homes to us. We spent a lot of time up that way in college. Ah, the memories!

Here is my Clapotis. Haven't touched it in a while...

And here is a Cardigan for my daughter, it will have a hood on it, it's the Knitty pattern, Child Hood or something like that. Cascade Superwash.

Branching Out, using some handpainted from my SP7 Kelly. I love it, but really have to concentrate on this one.

Here is the Embossed Leaves Sock from IK winter 2005. Needless to say I've barely started it. This is Koigu KPPPM.

Random Sock...Trekking

Scatter, out of Brown Sheep cotton fleece.

Oat Coutoure vest out of Manos

Fingerless gloves, Kipparoo Farms yarn

crochet blanket. Haven't touched this one in a very long time...

Poncho, which I haven't touched in a year. It's out of some yarn I picked up at Sheep and Wool in 2005.

Cardigan from Stitch and Bitch book, out of purple Silky Wool.

another crochet blanket. Started winter 2004/2005.

3 random started sweaters. Purple one is a baby cardigan out of knit picks shine, red is a tank out of manos cotton, blue is orangina out of Knit Picks shine..

So those are my indescretions. I actually finished 2 projects tonight, felted mittens and a felted purse, both started within the last 2 weeks. The one thing I don't have a pic of yet is my RPM socks (from Knitty), out of Socks That Rock. I seriously need to finish some projects before starting anything else!!