Wednesday, July 19, 2006

long weekend

This weekend was good and bad.

The Good:
Friday night on my way home from work, I stopped off at Michaels to pick up some more cake dyes, and some cotton yarn for dishcloths. I got some Sugar N Cream, and some wilton dyes.
I did some more dyeing friday night, and while I had some technical difficulties (certain colors wouldn't dissolve), I also had some great success. I'll post pics tonight if I remember!

Saturday afternoon (after a very successful trip to Costco), my friend Rachel and her sister-in-law came up from VA for some scrapbooking/cardmaking. They left when our sitter got there, and Nathan and I went out for the most amazing meal I've had in a long time, at Jaleo, a Tapas bar in Bethesda. The food was unbelievable, and the sangria was yummy too!

Sunday I went to the mall with my lovely daughter, where she got a haircut, and got to run around a little. We picked up McDonalds on the way home (of course she fell asleep in the car). And yes, I have seen "Super Size-Me", and I feel that it's got a great point, but as long as we eat the stuff in moderation, that it won't kill me or my kid, and if it helps keep me sane to run through the drivethru once in a while, I will.

The Bad:
Friday when I got to my daughter's daycare, she had a little fever. I had thought I noticed the same thing earlier that morning, but she always wakes up warm so I figured it was nothing.

Saturday she slept til about 7, and was really warm now. I checked her temp, and it was 102. SHe kept saying that her mouth hurt, and pointed at her molar taht was coming in. I figured she was teething, gave her motrin and we went about our day.

Costco was good, but she melted down halfway through. Just kept crying, and crying, and asking for chocolate milk.

She took a fantastic nap! And then played with playdoh while we scrapbooked. Then she played with the babysitter, ate, and went to bed.

Sunday, she was completely hysterical any time we put anything into her mouth. Would make a bad face, and pull it out (she didn't even spit it out) crying. Again, we still thought it was teething, but I was now getting a little skeptical on that. By the afternoon, she had been compeltely miserable, and couldn't eat bananas or yogurt. At this point, I knew something wasn't right. Her fever was gone by now too.

Monday morning we went to the doctor, who said that she had Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. Very different from Foot and mouth disease, don't worry! HF&M is caused by a virus (coxsackie virus) and causes a fever, and nasty sores/ulcers on the mouth/throat, hands and feet (thus hand, foot and mouth). All we could do was give her motrin, and lots of TLC.

I took her home and gave her lots of TLC. We watched lots of Sesame Street, she napped, and we both rested.

More good:
She's feeling much better today, and is back at Day Care.

I got LOTS of knitting done. Switched between 4 different projects (shrug from IK spring, Jaywalker socks, fingerless gloves, and another pair of socks), and while I didn't finish any of them, I got some good progress done.